I’m an optimist who loves working with people who are real, down to earth, and not afraid to laugh at themselves. I’m happiest out in nature and my favorite images are made there as well.

My approach to weddings reflects who I am. I value honesty and I think pictures of real moments are the most powerful because they are true. I feel so lucky to work with couples who welcome me into their lives and show me who they really are.

When I’m not holding a camera, you’ll find me hanging out with my wife and two young kids. I love music, exploring nature, and enjoying great food and drink. I play basketball and golf as much as I can, though not as well as I’d like.


Want to know something crazy? I don’t like my own wedding pictures. I have exactly one on display in my house. Let me explain.

I started photographing weddings in 2009 just a couple months before I got married. My wife and I hired a fantastic portrait photographer and he gave us exactly what I asked for – super dramatic posed portraits.

We’re talking no smiles, looking away from each other, acting like we were too cool for our own wedding day. And that’s how I was shooting back then too. It was “art.”

Flash forward a couple years and that style felt hollow to me. Like it was all an act.

It’s not that I think my wife and I look bad in our pictures (ok my pink tie was a mistake). It’s that I don’t get to remember how the day FELT when I look at them. I want that for you.

Carpenter Nature Center Wedding


I describe my style as genuine. I show how a wedding day feels without staging or styling.

For the majority of a wedding day I document the big and small moments that make up any great celebration. I rely on my experience photographing hundreds of weddings to anticipate the action and be in the right place to capture it. I love a good story and every wedding offers so many.

During portraits I give you as much direction as you need so you can look and feel like yourself. I find beautiful locations with great lighting and then I help you to look natural and forget we are taking pictures. Not only will you look great, you’ll see yourself at your best.

Tell me your story and let’s get started!

On Twin Lakes Wedding

kind words from clients


“Everything about a wedding and the planning that goes into it is such a special event that you want to surround yourself with people who not only understand that, but also contribute to it. Eric made my wife and I so happy and his work was not only incredible, but it was able to capture all of the little things that make up our relationship and marriage. Eric was as emotionally invested in our day as we were and because of that his work is truly incredible.”

Lake Harriet Wedding Photographer


“We appreciated his calm demeanor and the way he photographed authentic moments as they unfolded. He was sure to capture all the big events of the day, but just as well caught so many candid moments that are perhaps even more meaningful to us. Eric is humble, gracious, sincere, talented, and above all else—kind. We felt like he had a genuine interest in documenting our day, and we highly recommend him.”


“One thing that Matt and I greatly appreciated was Eric’s calming demeanor on our wedding day. Things got a little hectic at times but Eric never became flustered or impatient with us, our family or friends. He even helped put on the groomsmen’s boutonnieres! Eric did not contrive certain moments of our day to create a specific shot, he let the day come to him and his authentic aesthetic really came through in our photos.”

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