Helena and Collin's Northern Minnesota Elopement

When Helena and Collin told me the vision for their wedding I knew it could be spectacular but it even exceeded my expectations. The ceremony took place on a cliff overlooking Gunflint Lake in far northern Minnesota. In fact, the Canadian border was visible on the opposite shore of the lake. The only guest at this wedding was the couple's sweet dog, Walter.

Helena and Collin got ready together in a small cabin and set out separately on a hike to the cliff. On the way Collin picked ferns and flowers for a bouquet and Helena picked a flower for Collin's boutonniere. As we arrived at the cliff rain started falling, creating a surreal scene from our viewpoint overlooking the lake. The ceremony was short but emotional. The rain ended and we explored the incredible scenery around us, pausing for a first dance among the lichen before making it to the lakeshore. Thank you, Helena and Collin, for an experience I will never forget.