Best of 2017

2017 was another year of working with phenomenal couples who get it. I strive to capture genuine emotion and am so lucky to be hired by people who let me into their lives and show me what is real.

This year I really focused on consistency. It was my ninth year photographing weddings full time and I feel like I delivered my best work to every couple. I take the time to understand what is important to each of my couples and work my hardest to create meaningful photographs no matter the situation.

Here are some highlights from 2017. Thanks to all of my incredible clients.

Gardens of Castle Rock wedding

This venue was the perfect fit for Allison and Elliot. It was a warm invitation to their guests to relax outside and enjoy an ideal late summer day. They even got to include their adorable dogs Jupiter and Brumby. I took almost as many pictures of the dogs as I took of the couple but I think everybody was good with that.

This is exactly the kind of celebration I love to capture - natural and easygoing. Thank you Allison and Elliot!